Want to become a promoter for our page? 

All we or let's say I want in return:

  • you are an authentic music fan/collector
  • you collect or at least have a certain record (no matter if cd/vinyl) in your collection
  • you have at least ten followers on social media.. jk, even five are okay but family does not count! :>
  • you want to represent & support a page that is doing the whole project for the fans and clearly NOT for the revenue/profit!!
  • if you are not convinced by that please don't contact us
  • I want the people who support my project to TRUST ; because I have been doing this for quite a while now and without to brag: I know what I'm doing since I basically am or was a supplier of many big names in the merch/patch scene :)
  • We do certain donations, but we/I mostly prefer to keep such things private. Other similar pages do share it which is also absolutelly fine of course - more information regarding this on one of our projects will be leaked as soon as it's time ;)
  • Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, there will be a lot of new shirts and patches in future and I really don't want anybody to miss their grail. Had that feeling way too many times and want to protect the community from such pain
  • Sure the shirts are sometimes pricey but as soon as you make up your mind and order one, you will know WHY

If all this sounds cool for you, make sure to CONTACT us!!

Please use the subject: L2D.ARMY

Thanks to everybody for their trust in our work, I really appreciate that :)