I think I told you a lot here already.. lol

But to keep it short, I source the products from my suppliers and start the whole progress by myself with taking pics, taking measures, noticing and updating the digital files and of course shipping.   

My Social Media: @admakz



My buddy Mr. X is responsible for the implementation of our patch projects as well as stickers and goodies. 

His Top 5:  

  1. Sadus - Certain Death
  2. Possessed - My Belief
  3. Destruction - Total Desaster
  4. Deicide - Dead by Dawn
  5. Morbid Saint - Living Misery 


Back in the days we always had beef because we were drawing opponents. If you're wondering what his name means, take a look.

He's my best friend since middle school and responsible for the artworks of LTD as well as for his own projects, he will have some available in this store soon! 

His Top 5:  

  1. Sleep - Beyond
  2. Om - Thebes
  3. Black Sabbath - Lord Of This World
  4. Led Zeppelin - No Quarter
  5. Naxatras - I Am The Beyonder

 Feel free to follow him on Social Media: @gnackdetschn


She belongs to one of my best friends for over ten years now. We got to know each other on my second or third concert ever.. think it was As I Lay Dying & Amon Amarth at Posthof Linz. 

She is responsible for thrifthunting with me as well as booking trips for upcoming events. Also we realized that she actually had some vintage shirts in her collection and didn't even know about it... :>

Her Top 5:  

  1. Once Human - Killers for the Cure
  2. Slipknot - My Plague
  3. Alien Weaponry - Kai Tangata
  4. Arandu Arakuaa - Padi
  5. Veil Of Maya - Echo Chamber

Feel free to follow her on Social Media: @3n3ws1